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Prevent Radon Gas

The environmentally friendly Legalett Heated Slab Foundation construction technique is a proven effective tool against Radon Gas. The Legalett System is already recognized as the Radon-Proof Foundation of Choice in Europe!


The Benefits of Legalett GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundations and Air-Heated Radiant Floor Systems - Preventing Radon Gas

How Does GEO-Slab Prevent Radon Gas?How Does GEO-Slab Prevent Radon Gas?


The Legalett System, as is, becomes a continuous radon barrier under the dwelling for a number of reasons:


  • There is no separation of footing / foundation and floor - the slab is continuous throughout, and thus there is no continuous crack around the perimeter for radon to leak through.
  • Elimination of cracks in the floor - since the slab is 7-8" thick, and has heavy mesh top and bottom, the only cracks in the floor (ever) are simply very minor hairline shrinkage cracks which don't extend through the slab - they are only visible at the very surface. Thus the slab is a uniform, complete air (and thus radon) barrier.  This is in stark contract with thinner slabs, which typically have wide cracks  in them, which are not airtight.
  • Ease of sealing penetrations - since the concrete is 7-8" thick, there is lots of depth to properly seal any penetrations to the air-tight slab, instead of hoping that you are sealing to a thin, cracked slab.
  • Elimination of dependence on an air barrier to provide radon-proofing - since the slab itself is the air barrier, you are not relying on an easily punctured plastic air barrier to be the radon proofing - instead, you have a durable, thick, permanent air barrier.



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