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Matt Risinger from The Build Show Interviews Truewerk's CEO as he builds his own Super Insulated and Energy Efficient Home in Colorado with Legalett GEO-Passive Shallow Slab Foundation


Matt Risinger is an online video sensation and homebuilder based in Austin, Texas. His building science blog covers many subjects related to construction and he’s recently been talking to the homeowner, Legalett fan and owner of Truewerk Build Gear, Brian Ciciora, on The Build Show. Watch the video on YouTube below, talking about Brian's home which is located in the extreme climate of the Colorado mountains and that benefits from the comfort of a Legalett air heated radiant floor and foundation slab. Enjoy!




Net Zero Energy Home in Meredith NH with GEO-Passive Super Insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundation and Air-Heated Radiant Floors


View this time-lapse video of the installation of our GEO-Passive Super Insulated Slab foundation, ThermaSill PH Threshold solution & Air-Heated Radiant floor system in a Net Zero Energy super efficient home in Meredith, NH




GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundation and Air-Heated Radiant Floor Installation in Warminster, ON


Watch a homeowner's account of their property addition which includes GEO-Slab frost protected shallow foundation with air-heated radiant floors in Warminster, ON on YouTube here:




Sanders St. Apartments - Net Zero Energy Affordable Senior Housing Project Uses Legalett Passive House Products in Tillsonburg, ON


View this Case Study of a Net Zero Energy project for Affordable Senior Housing in Tillsonburg ON utilizing GEO-Passive super-insulating slab foundations and ThermaSill PH Insulated Threshold solution on YouTube here:




Inspection & Pour Day for a Legalett GEO-Slab Shallow Foundation & Air-Heated Radiant Floor Project


View Legalett's Site Visit Video of a GEO-Slab Shallow Slab-on-Grade Foundation and Air-Heated Radiant Floors ready for inspection and concrete pour on YouTube here:




Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Build in Merritt BC with Air-Heated Radiant Floor Heating Video


View Legalett's Construction Video of a Frost Protected Shallow Foundation with Air-Heated Radiant Floors being Installed in Merritt, BC on YouTube here:




Legalett's GEO-Passive Slab-on-Grade Foundation installed with Air-Heated Radiant Floors Time Lapse Video


View Legalett's Solar Air-Heated Radiant Floor System and GEO-Passive Frost Protected Shallow Foundation being Installed in Wakefield QC on YouTube here:




Legalett's Frost-Line Simulation Video:


  • This video shows the 0°C degree line (frost line) in motion during a ‘design’ year, which represents a 100 year winter with no snow cover and no vegetative cover, and located in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area.
  • As you can see in the video, the frost line does not move under the slab, so ice lenses cannot form under the slab, and thus the slab does not move.
  • The time stamp in the video is in days.
  • The simulation starts on July 1st (day 365, after 1 year of ‘normal’ weather with no snow cover or vegetative cover) and continues to June 30th (day 730).


View Legalett's Frost-Line Simulation Video on YouTube here:




North America's Largest Passive House - Slab Insulation Design with GEO-Passive LEED ICF Floor - Salus Clementine, Ottawa


With Green Building developments so prominent in the Public Eye, the US and Canadian Construction industry are realizing the growth potential offered by Passive House, Passivhaus, Zero Net Energy and Net Zero Energy Buildings. These types of High Efficiency construction projects require every building element to be optimized, starting with Super Insulated concrete Slabs and Foundations. Legalett have been designing and manufacturing ICF Slab Forms for monolithic concrete slab and foundation construction for 30 years - giving us a significant head start - and Legalett ICF Floor Systems are being chosen for some of North America's most prestigious new High Efficiency Building Projects. For example, this timelapse video below shows the Legalett GEO-Passive product being used in North America's largest Passive House project to date (2016) Salus Clementine in Ottawa, which is also designed to LEED Platinum standards.


Salus Clementine, located in Ottawa, Ontario, is a four-storey, 42-unit affordable housing project for men and women living with severe mental illness and has been described as a beacon project in North America.


View the Salus Clementine Passive House Time Lapse Video with GEO-Passive Slab Insulation on YouTube:



See more here about Legalett GEO-Passive ICF Slab forming systems.



Watch ThermalWall PH Super Insulating Wall Panels Installed on a Commercial Passive House Project in Ontario


ThermalWall PH Panels are installed on a 25,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Haliburton ON that is intended to be Passive House Certified. This facility already utilizes Legalett's GEO-Passive super insulated slab and foundation forms.


View the Passive House Commercial Project installing ThermalWall PH Super Insulating Wall Panels on YouTube here:




ThermalWall PH Passive House Insulating Panels Installation Steps


View ThermalWall PH Passive House Wall Insulation Panels Installation Steps and How To's on YouTube here:





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